About This Blog

Every life is made up of a series of decisions.  We choose one thing or another.  One path or the other.  Once action or another.  Whether we recognize it or not, each one of these points in time was a decision point in our lives.  Each decision point is another thread in the fabric of our lives.  We have the power to weave our dreams and to construct our reality and we do it every day whether we take deliberate steps to move forward or we do nothing and we move backward.

Sometimes when we are faced with a choice we choose not to take action.  We choose to do nothing to just let things unfold and see what happens.  Sometimes we feel safer doing that because we think that is the best option in the face of uncertainty.  This site is dedicated to the idea that we all have the capacity to take action and to make our lives better and ultimately to become the best version of our selves.

So the intention is to share ideas of success and information that can help us all, author and reader, to grow and develop.  Life is what we make it.  So why not make it great?

Keep moving forward. Progress, no matter how slow, is still progress.