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We all want to be successful. Success however is an individual thing. Therefore, what it takes to realize each person’s vision for success will be varied. There are however, some general principles associated with being a successful person that will be useful regardless of what our individual vision may be.

  • Develop a method for making the most of your time. Most people identify the need to manage their time as a key goal. Regardless of what method you decide to use, it is important that you identify a way to schedule and plan your activities each day. Successful people always have a clear plan for what they want to do each day.
  • Identify the things that help you to manage your energy effectively throughout the day. You need to start with a good morning routine. Identify what it takes for you to start your day right so that you raise your energy levels up and your mind is primed for the productive needs of your day. Make sure that you also have a strategy for raising your energy back up throughout the day. You may need to listen to music you like, or find something funny to make you laugh or do something kind for someone else. These are some steps that can help you to manager your energy effectively. Whatever you decide to do, ensure that it is one that is easy for you to complete and one that you will stick with on a continuous basis.
  • Use your brain effectively. Plan to complete your most creative activities early in the day when your mental power is at its highest. Never use this time to complete less productive or less important tasks like reading your email or checking social media. You want to ensure that you are nor responding to other people’s priorities and missing out on your own.
  • Adopt the attitude that you will take action whether you are feeling like it or not. If something is important and it is necessary that you complete it, you cannot leave the decision to your feelings. Be prepared to do it anyway.
  • Stop being guided by other people’s opinions of you. It does not matter what others say about you. It only matters what you say and what you believe about yourself.
  • Engage in personal mastery. You need to be invested in continuously developing yourself. Personal mastery means that you have an honest awareness of your strengths, your weaknesses and what it will take to create improvements.


Marjorie Wharton is a trainer, facilitator and coach who works with individuals and organizations to help them improve their performance.  She is based at the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business in Barbados. Follow her on twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  For more of her writing visit





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