Epiphany Moment: The Non-Renewable Resource of Time



I was being wheeled into surgery.  Although I was only in my early 40’s I felt elderly and weak.  I was scared and restless lying in my bed hooked up to various devices.  I couldn’t reconcile in my mind how I’d arrived here in this state and feeling this way.  After all, I was a black belt and an acclaimed executive earning more money than I’d ever imagined.  And yet I felt utterly powerless and couldn’t shake a feeling of deep dissatisfaction.

In the corridor leading to the operating room was a large digital clock of sorts, more of a timer really that was flashing a countdown in bright red colors.   As my bed was rolled along, time began to move very slowly, partly aided by some pre-surgical medication.  But something much more significant was going on within me.  Each decrease in seconds punctuated the depletion of what could possibly by my very own last hours or minutes alive.  I could feel it in every inch of my body and it was terrifying and cold.

So what was the thought that fueled all of this anxiety and regret?  I’d known and seen many other people who had faced this same scenario with great peace and resolve.

 “If I don’t emerge from this operation, have I spent my time in the best way I could have?  Am I at peace with how I’m leaving this world?”

No.  The answer was a resounding “NO.”

At that specific juncture in my life, I had unintentionally and gradually chosen financial and professional success at the expense of my health, my relationships and love. It was entirely my responsibility and my choice, not the company for whom I worked, not my clients, and not my colleagues.   It was a subtle shift within my thinking that had gained momentum and was now running with a full head of steam.

The imminent potential of having no time left forced me to face full on my outcomes and my choices.    It awakened a voice within me that I had slowly and unknowingly silenced in recent years.  The illusion of having a renewable amount of time can lead to a compromise against your own core beliefs and procrastination on your compelling purpose, your dreams.

This epiphany moment to which I bow to with deep respect and gratitude resurrected a sense of my genuine self, my unique purpose and where I needed to go from here. My recovery was not only physical but also navigating my mind from the tangles of limiting beliefs and navigating into uncharted waters of unlimited possibilities.

Epiphany moments are treasures.  They may cause a wide array of sensations ranging form terror to excitement to shock.  But they also serve up a jolting dose of truth that brings with it courage and wisdom to live your life on purpose and get where you really want to go.



 “New thinking puts you on a vast trajectory of possibilities in any segment of your life.” -Hester Mishkin, CPC

 Hester Mishkin is professional coach, teacher and speaker.  Specializing in mindset coaching, she helps her clients think big and reach the places they want to go.  Making a transformative impact on the lives of others has been the defining mission of Hester’s array of professional experiences:  as a martial artist and teacher for 25 years, an award-winning executive in the biotech industry, a founding director of a large non-profit organization for 15 years, a successful business owner and entrepreneur, a strategic development consultant, a wife and mother.

Her professional training includes certifications in personal and executive coaching through the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, LEAN Six Sigma through ASQ, Leadership and Resiliency Program Facilitator, a Meditation Teacher candidate with the Chopra Center, a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts and a BA from Tulane University.  hestercoaching.com









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