Building Mental Brawn



Mental brawn is how I describe the ability to override old thinking and take control of your mindset through deliberate practice.  It’s the strength to choose what you think, overpower thoughts that defeat you and intentionally direct your outcomes.  Not unlike physical muscle, mental brawn grows as a result of your efforts and weakens when left dormant.

Unfiltered, raw thoughts arise all day long and always will.  Expect them and greet with neutrally like words projecting on a screen or words appearing in the page of a book.  You can also expect them to be fearful and doubtful when you’re daring to go new places and do new things.   It’s the same for everyone as our rational brain/computer does exactly what it was designed to do – balk at uncertainty.

Here’s the good news:  you have the power to think new intentional thoughts that drive your vision by developing your mental brawn.  It’s that simple. You get to choose exactly what you make any circumstance mean and what impact it has on your mood, actions and results.  You hold the power when you work the muscle.  Countless circumstances throughout your day provide opportunities to exercise your mental brawn, big and small.

Here’s 5 keys building your mental brawn:

  • Get your thoughts out of you head and onto paper
  • Purge negative thoughts that hold you back
  • Construct new, specific empowering thoughts to weaken old thinking.
  • Grow the muscle of your mental brawn with
  • DO REPS. Habitually reinforce new thoughts that serve your vision.

You don’t need to helplessly stand by and let default thinking hold you back.  Actively work your mental brawn and get where you want to go.



 “New thinking puts you on a vast trajectory of possibilities in any segment of your life.” -Hester Mishkin, CPC

 Hester Mishkin is professional coach, teacher and speaker.  Specializing in mindset coaching, she helps her clients think big and reach the places they want to go.  Making a transformative impact on the lives of others has been the defining mission of Hester’s array of professional experiences:  as a martial artist and teacher for 25 years, an award-winning executive in the biotech industry, a founding director of a large non-profit organization for 15 years, a successful business owner and entrepreneur, a strategic development consultant, a wife and mother.

Her professional training includes certifications in personal and executive coaching through the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, LEAN Six Sigma through ASQ, Leadership and Resiliency Program Facilitator, a Meditation Teacher candidate with the Chopra Center, a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts and a BA from Tulane University.









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