You Are What You Say You Are

You’ve heard it many times: You are what you think.  But thoughts often become words before they become actions. So it’s safe to say this:  You are also what you say. In fact, neuroscientists have now proven that just saying powerful words can make you more powerful.  For example, when you lift a weight, saying a word such as “strong” increases the force with which you lift that weight. Amazing, isn’t it?  Proverbs 18:21 is literally true, scientifically proven:  Life and death arein the power of the tongue.

I tested it out just yesterday while doing a crazy workout video in which the guy leading the exercises keeps looking into the camera and telling me to, “dig deeper.” Panting, sweating and out of breath, I want to tell him to shut up. I’m trying to focus! But he keeps saying it, keeps encouraging me – and so I keep digging deeper for more energy and strength. And you know what? It works. Whether it is a word of encouragement from someone else or the words you speak to encourage yourself, words are powerful.

In fact, positive language is a happiness trigger. I like to call this language, “winning words.”  They are words that trigger positive emotions and chemicals in the brain that cause you to feel happier and stronger.  There are several ways to use your words to boost your happiness like some of the examples below:

  1. Speak in the affirmative.
  2. Surround yourself with positive words.
  3. Shorten your sob story.
  4. Write about your best possible future self – in the present tense.
  5. Receive positive words.
  6. Use words to bounce back

“From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things.” – Proverbs 12:14

Speak in the Affirmative

Say these statements aloud – slowly and intentionally.

–          I can do it.

–          My dream is possible.

–          I am happy about _______________.

–          God loves me.

–          I am loved and loveable.

–          I am blessed.

–          I am grateful for ________________.

–          I have gifts and talents that make the world a better place.

–          I like who I am becoming.

It may seem a little hokey to make positive statements out loud, but what most people feel after making such statements is lighter, stronger, happier, and more optimistic. What emotions do you feel after stating those words?  Are the emotions positive? Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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