Happiness Trigger: Connection – Be Around Happy People!

Did you know happiness is contagious? Having happy people in your network of friends and family make it more likely you’ll be happy. Apparently, birds of a feather indeed flock together. So, just by doing some of the things in this book, you might just influence the happiness of those around you. People with the most social connections – whether a spouse, friends, neighbors, co-workers or relatives – are happier. And every additional happy person in your network positively impacts your own happiness, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. Using information from the famous Framingham Heart Study, which showed that ills such as smoking and obesity are spread within networks, it was determined that positive outcomes such as happiness also spreads within networks. If one of your close social connections is happy, the likelihood you are happy increases by 15 percent!

(This is an excerpt from Valorie Burton’s Blog post on July 2, 2013. Visit http://www.valorieburton.com/blog/ for the full post and more from Valorie.)

– See more at: http://www.valorieburton.com/blog/#sthash.WSYEGVrW.dpuf


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